Constitution & Rules

Constitution of The Tilbury Band

Notes on The Constitution of The Tilbury Band
The Constitution of The Tilbury Band received approval from the quorum of the Annual General Meeting of The Tilbury Band on Sunday, 24th March, 2013.  Any revision to this document must be made by motion at either an Annual General Meeting or Extraordinary General Meeting and carried by majority vote, according to the conditions set forth in The Constitution.

1. Band Title
i) The Band will be known as The Tilbury Band.
ii) The Band may incorporate the following:
The Tilbury Band
The Tilbury Brass Band
The Tilbury Silver Band
The Tilbury Youth Band
The Tilbury Learners Ensemble
Tilbury Brass Academy
2. Objects
i) To help ensure the continuance of the Brass Band Movement by encouragement and instruction of young people interested in playing brass instruments.
ii) To entertain the Public and help promote and maintain interest in the Brass Band Movement by concert performance and contest participation.
iii) To enable musicians of all ages, ethnicity and ability to come together and make music for the enjoyment of themselves and others.
iv) To develop a quality brass band that is an asset to the local community.
3. Band Headquarters
i) The Headquarters of The Tilbury Band shall be:
The Tilbury Band Hall,
99-101, Dock Road,
Essex. RM18 7BX
ii) The Band Hall will always remain the property of The Tilbury Band and will not be transferred to any other organisation, except as prescribed under Section 16 (Band Existence).
4. Trustees
i) A Board of four trustees will be maintained to ensure the well-being of the band, its property and finances (see section 16, Band Existence). The board of trustees shall be reviewed at least annually by the Committee.
ii) The Trustees will be invited from Band membership or those who have paid particular service to the Band in the past.
iii) The names of members of The Board of Trustees shall be reported to the Annual General Meeting and ratified at that meeting.
5. Musical Direction
i) Positions
Each subsidiary Band or playing group shall have its own musical directorship, as stated below.
a) Musical Director
To be appointed by the Committee after consultation with playing members of the respective playing group.
b) Assistant Musical Director or Bandmaster
To be appointed by the Committee after consultation with playing members of the respective playing group.
ii) The Committee will have the power to terminate appointments to positions in 5(i) if necessary without consultation or agreement of playing members of the Bands.
iii) Persons appointed to positions in 5(i) will be considered as Officers of the Band, but will have no rights or responsibilities as Committee members.
iv) Persons appointed to positions in 5(i) will normally have responsibility for the musical direction of their respective bands, and guest conductors or musical directors shall be appointed by the Committee after consultation with musical director and playing members of the bands.
v) Persons appointed to positions in 5(i) and 5(ii) will have responsibility for band discipline at musical performances and rehearsals. Breaches of discipline may be referred to the Committee to deal with as and when necessary.
vi) Unless appointed to in section 6 (Committee & Officers, below), persons appointed in 5(i) will not be members of the Committee, but may be asked to attend from time to time.
vii) Both the Secretary and Committee will assist musical directors of all groups in maximising development opportunities, e.g. workshops, teaching, master classes, contests and concerts.
6. Committee and Officers
i) A Committee will be appointed from and by the band members by a simple majority vote at the Annual General Meeting, and will hold their positions until the conclusion of the subsequent AGM unless re-elected. The Committee will have authority to fill vacancies as and when necessary. Not more that 50% of the Committee shall comprise of non-playing members of the Band.
ii) The Secretary will invite nominations for membership of the committee and officers on a nomination form to be displayed in the band hall for at least 28 days prior to the AGM. If insufficient nominations are received, nominations may be invited at the meeting. (In event of a ballot being needed, see section 12, General Meetings.)
iii) All Committee Members, on acceptance of their posts on the understanding that they will fulfil the tasks and duties assigned to them according to the Constitution and Rules of the Tilbury Band.
iv) No member or members of the Committee shall be held personally responsible either jointly or severally for:
a) Any debt incurred on behalf of or by the Band; or
b) Any legal liability, either civil or criminal, incurred by any other member of the Committee, by the Band membership or as a whole or by any individual member of the Band.
iv) The Management Committee will be comprised of the following members,
a) Chairman (casting vote only)
b) Treasurer
c) Secretary
d) Assistant Secretary
e) Band Manager
f) Press & Public Relations Officer
g) Librarian
h) Property Master
i) Hall Caretaker
j) Band Archivist
vi) Honorary Officers of the Band
a) President – elected by invitation
b) Life Vice Presidents
c) An unlimited number of Ordinary Vice Presidents
vii) Persons may be elected to a maximum of two (2) positions described under section 6 (iv).
ix) Ordinary Vice Presidents shall be appointed by invitation of the Committee as a gesture of appreciation for past and or potential future service to the Band, and may attend committee meetings on request or by invitation.
x) The quorum of the Committee shall be five (5) members.
xi) From time to time an Ensemble Representative may be appointed to the Committee from each current ensemble of the Band. Such representatives shall be elected by simple majority vote of the playing members of that ensemble and shall be a voting member of the Committee.
xii) An Executive Committee consisting any three of: the Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Band Manager and one other committee member. The Executive Committee will have the power of the full committee in matters that require urgent attention or action. All matters discussed and decisions made will be reported to the next full committee meeting.
7. Committee
i) The Committee
a) The Committee will deal with the business placed before it concerning all aspects of the management of the band, its engagements, and matters of personnel discipline and grievance.
b) The Committee will meet whenever required, and normally ten (10) times a year, but not less than eight (8) time per year on a regular basis at a day and time agreeable to members and taking account of band commitments.
c) Any member of the Band can also request a meeting with the Committee if they have a grievance or wish to put forward and idea or suggestion. The Secretary shall be notified in advance.
d) The Committee shall communicate with the band members on all relevant matters both individually and collectively, via Band Secretary and Public Relations Officer.
e) Sub-Committees may be formed as and when necessary, at the discretion of the Committee. All sub-committees shall be required to each Committee meeting until their conclusion.
8. Officers, Duties & Responsibilities
i) Chairman
a) The Chairman will chair all Band meetings, both Committee and General, and will be responsible for the control and orderly progression of such meetings. In the absence of the Chairman, a member of the Committee will be elected from the members present.
b) The Chairman will give advice and guidance where necessary, whilst maintaining neutrality in debate.
c) The Chairman will not have a vote, other than a casting vote. In the event of a tied vote in the Committee, the Chairman will have the casting vote.
ii) Treasurer
a) The Treasurer will be responsible for all Band monies and the satisfactory accounting thereof. The Treasurer will be the principal party in all monetary transactions. The Treasurer will maintain bank accounts in the Band name as necessary. (See section 11, Band Finance)
b) The Treasurer will prepare the Band accounts as required (see section 11, Band Finance) and submit them for audit prior to the A.G.M. Such a statement of accounts shall be made available for inspection to all Band members, upon request, not less than fourteen (14) days prior to the A.G.M.
c) The Treasurer may appoint persons to assist on their behalf, subject to the Committee’s approval.
d) Other accounts or monies may be held by other sections, subject to the Committee’s approval, and providing they are accounted for on a regular basis to the Committee.
iii) Secretary
a) The Secretary will conduct day to day running of the band, and routine general business of the band as requested or required by the decision and agreement of the Committee or General meetings.
b) The Secretary will maintain all correspondence, and notify the committee accordingly. The Secretary shall be responsible and accountable for the retention of all correspondence received. Where other individuals have sent or received correspondence, copies must placed with the Secretary, as soon as possible.
c) The Secretary, with the Treasurer, will ensure that the bank is properly supplied with all relevant information including the Constitution, and details of authorised cheque signatories.
d) The Secretary may appoint others persons to act on their behalf if the Assistant Secretary is unable to do so.
e) The Secretary will take disciplinary action as instructed by the Committee, relating to specific matters or persons, subject to the Committee’s approval.
f) The Secretary will arrange for Band members to be properly notified of all meetings, and draw up agendas accordingly.
g) The Secretary will normally be the initial contact point for the booking of the bands, although other bookings may be accepted from time to time, provided the Secretary is properly notified to avoid clashes of interest.
h) The Secretary, in consultation with the Musical Director(s) and players, will be responsible for ensuring each engagement can be fulfilled, if necessary, by arranging appropriate deputy players.
i) The Secretary will administer the letting of the hall in accordance with Band policy. All requests for extra rehearsals, social functions, etc., must be booked through the Secretary, who will ensure satisfactory arrangements are made for closure, etc.
j) The Secretary will ensure the satisfactory maintenance of the band hall in all respects. The Secretary will report to the Committee all items requiring attention, and shall be empowered to call on assistance as and when required.
k) The Secretary will ensure that the agreed playing membership be properly registered with relevant Area Associations and the National Registry.
l) The Secretary will arrange for any of the bands, or individuals, to be entered into contests as considered appropriate by the committee and Musical Director, ensuring that contest rules are complied with.
m) The Secretary will ensure that travel and rehearsal facilities, where needed, are arranged.
iv) Assistant Secretary
a) The Assistant Secretary will assist the Secretary as required, and to record the minutes of all Committee, and General meetings.
b) The Assistant Secretary will ensure that minutes of meetings are distributed to all committee members and officers as soon as possible.
c) If unavailable to attend meetings as Minute Secretary shall be appointed at the meeting.
v) Band Manager
a) The Band Manager will ensure that general good conduct is adhered to by band members at all times during rehearsals and engagements.
b) The Band Manager will ensure that the membership of the band are notified of upcoming engagements and rehearsals.
c) The Band Manager will maintain a record of attendance of members at rehearsal and report these to the Management Committee on a regular basis.
d) The Band Manger will be responsible for ensuring that the deportment and dress of band membership are appropriate for engagements.
e) The Band Manager will be responsible for communicating with the Management Committee and Musical Director(s) any matters regarding players attendance at rehearsals or engagements.
f) The Band Manager will take disciplinary action as instructed by the Management Committee, relating to specific matters or persons, subject to the Committee’s approval.
vi) Press and Public Relations Officer
a) The Public Relations Officer will ensure that the media is kept informed on all relevant band matters.
b) The Public Relations Officer will ensure that the bands membership is kept informed on all relevant band matters.
c) The Public Relations Officer will distribute regular Newsletters to all Band members, Trustees, President, Vice-Presidents and members of the 100 Club.
d) The Public Relations Officer will be responsible for the overseeing of fundraising and fundraising activities to support the objects of The Tilbury Band.
vii) Librarian
a) Under the direction of the Committee, the Librarian will have responsibility for all music owned by the band, and have access to at any time.
b) The Librarian will maintain a properly catalogued library. The committee shall be notified of any incomplete pieces and their possible deletion from the band portfolio. The Librarian shall obtain new parts as directed.
c) The Librarian or delegated assistant should be present at rehearsals, or liaise with the respective Musical Director to ensure that all players are provided with the necessary parts.
d) The Librarian/Secretary will be responsible for the purchase of all new music. All music must be passed to the Librarian for stamping and cataloguing.
e) The Librarian may appoint other persons to act on his/her behalf, subject to the Committee’s approval.
viii) Property Master
a) The Property Master will control all Band Property. Ensuring the Secretary is informed so that insurance details can be kept up to date.
b) The Property Master will maintain proper records of all band property, other than music, including records of band property held by individual Band members, which should be signed for at least annually. The Property Master will be notified of all transfers and/or exchanges of property requested, and records amended accordingly.
c) The Property Master will ensure safekeeping of all trophies and other regalia.
d) The Property Master may appoint other persons to act on his/her behalf, subject to the Committee’s approval.
ix) Hall Caretaker
The Hall caretaker shall maintain the upkeep and general maintenance of the Band Hall, reporting any discrepancies or issues to the Committee as soon as possible.
x) Band Archivist
a) The Band Archivist will be the official historian of The Band and shall be responsible for the historic research of the same.
b) The Band Archivist shall maintain an archive of the Band’s historic documents (including photographs, minute books, etc.), ensuring that it is made available to the Band upon request.
c) Upon request, the Band Archivist may arrange the loan of historical artefacts of the Band to external organisations or individuals with the agreement of the Committee.
9. Band Membership
i) Band membership will consist of the following categories:-
a) Player
b) Youth (Under 19 years of age)
c) Non-Player
e) Life Vice President
f) Life Member
ii) Application for membership will be made in writing and addressed to the Secretary; the application will be approved by the committee only if the applicant is able to fulfil all requirements of the Band, relative to their position. Player applicants will also be approved by the appropriate Musical Director.
iii) All Band Members will adhere to the Constitution and the Rules of The Tilbury Band. A copy of the Rules and Constitution will be issued to each member and signed for. It will be updated as and when necessary.
10. Membership Subscription Fees
i) Membership subscription fees will paid by all members according to their category of membership, as determined at the A.G.M. Membership fees will by reviewed and confirmed at the A.G.M. each year.
ii) The band committee shall have the power to waive the payment of fees in cases of hardship.
11. Band Finance
i) The Treasurer shall be responsible for all Band monies and the accountancy thereof.
ii) The Financial Year shall be from the 1st January to 31st December.
iii) Signatories to bank accounts shall be the Treasurer, the Secretary and the Chairman. Any two from these three will be required to sign all cheques.
iv) No financial transactions shall be carried out without the prior knowledge of the Treasurer.
v) The Annual Accounts shall be submitted for audit by the last week in February, and a signed statement of Accounts must be prepared for inspection at least fourteen (14) days prior to the AGM. A duplicate copy shall be made available at the same time in the Band Hall for members of the Band to peruse and scrutinise.
vi) A minimum of (2) Auditors shall be appointed annually at the A.G.M.
12. General Meetings
i) General Meetings shall be called at the discretion of the Committee, or by the written requisition of at least six (6) members.
ii) The Annual General Meeting shall be held as early as possible in the year but no later than the 31st of March, depending upon band commitments. Notification of the meeting shall be displayed in the band hall at least twenty-eight (28) days in advance of the meeting, and the A.G.M shall follow an agenda in the band hall to be displayed fourteen (14) days in advance.
iii) Any member may submit motions for inclusion on the agenda, which should be properly proposed and seconded, to be received by the Secretary in time to be included on the agenda.
iv) Proposed changes to the Constitution shall be displayed in the Band Hall fourteen (14) days before the meeting.
v) A quorum shall be fifteen (15) subscription paying members of the Band, not being in arrears.
vi) Voting shall be by current membership of the Band. Membership must have been held for a minimum of twenty-eight (28) days before proposed agenda. The Secretary/Treasurer will put on display current list of members of the Band.
13. Extraordinary General Meetings
i) An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called at the discretion of the Committee, or by the written requisition of at least six members.
ii) Members shall be given at least fourteen (14) days notice of the meeting. The agenda will be displayed fourteen (14) days in advance of the meeting in the Band Hall.
iii) The E.G.M. shall only deal matters for which the E.G.M. was called for.  No other matters can be raised at the meeting.
14. Uniform
Proper Band uniform, as determined by the Committee and published in the Rules of the Band shall be worn as the Committee deems appropriate.
15. Band Existence
i) The Band shall continue to function as long as it can achieve its Objects. This shall require at least six (6) playing members carrying the name of the Band.
ii) In the event of the Band being unable to achieve its Objects, the Trustees will suspend Band activities for a period of up to five (5) years, during which time as many assets of the Band as possible will be maintained at no cost to the Trustees.
iii) If at the end of five (5) years there are still insufficient Band members to achieve the Objects, then the Trustees will dispose of all Band assets. Having paid off all outstanding commitments, the Trustees will then dispose of existing residue appropriately to further the original objects of The Tilbury Band.
16. Constitution
i) Any matter not provided for in the Constitution shall be dealt with by the Committee.
ii) This constitution revokes and replaces all previous Constitutions of The Tilbury Band.



Rules of The Tilbury Band

Notes on The Rules of The Tilbury Band
The Rules of The Tilbury Band have been approved by The Committee of The Tilbury Band.  Any amendment to The Rules may be made by the majority vote of The Committee.  Bandmembers wishing to make amendments to The Rules of The Tilbury Band should place their request, in writing, to the Secretary of the Band who will inform the Committee of their request.  Changes may also be made by motion at a General Meeting of The Tilbury Band in accordance with The Constitution of The Tilbury Band.

  1. Bandspersons are expected to attend all band practices and engagements.  If through shift work, etc., attendance is likely to be irregular, the Secretary must be informed.  Absence from rehearsals, and more importantly, performances or engagements must be communicated to a Committee member at the earliest possible time.
  2. Playing members shall conform to the directions of the Musical Director at rehearsals and performances.
  3. No Band Property may be removed from the Band Premises unless authorisation has been given by the Property Master and appropriate forms have been signed. In the absence of a Property Master, the Band Secretary may sanction loans of Property and these records are to be given directly to the Property Master at the next available Date.
  4. Band property issued to a Bandsperson becomes the responsibility of that person alone.  It may not be loaned or exchanged without agreement of the Property Master or Secretary.
  5. No Bandsperson may use any instrument or other band property for purposes other than that of the Tilbury Band without the direct agreement of the Property Master or Secretary.
  6. Music belonging to The Tilbury Band must not be removed from the Band Hall without the direct agreement of either the Librarian or Secretary.  Any music removed from a current pad must present at the next rehearsal, irrespective of the attendance of the bandsperson who has removed it.
  7. Sets of music removed by a bandsperson (with or without the intention of using with another organisation) must be authorised by the Librarian.  In this case appropriate loan forms must be completed and signed, with date for return (3 months maximum) be stated on the loan agreement.  Any music borrowed must be returned in the same condition or a fee for replacement may be charged. In the absence of the Librarian, loan may be sanctioned by the Secretary, with forms passed directly to the Librarian at the next available date.
  8. All instruments, uniform, music and other equipment shall be kept in a clean and satisfactory condition.
  9. Loss or damage to Band Property must be reported without delay to the Property Master or Secretary.  Playing members may be held liable in certain circumstances for loss or damage to Band property.
  10. Change of name, address telephone number and email address shall be notified to the Secretary at the earliest possible time.
  11. Uniform as announced will be worn as directed.
  12. All band engagements should be booked through the Band Secretary.
  13. Any misuse of the Band Hall or its facilities will be dealt with by the Committee.
  14. Playing members who remove music from the Band Hall must ensure that it is available at the next rehearsal or engagement whether they are in attendance or not.
  15. Access to the Library shall be restricted to the Librarian, Committee Officers and their duly appointed assistants, or in their absence to a member as requested by the Committee.
  16. Any matter not provided for in the Rules shall be dealt with by the Committee.